Mentor Spotlight: Nardo

Nardo ManalotoNardo Manaloto was one of Make in LA’s first mentors. Among other things, he runs a healthcare accelerator and helped us with program strategy.

Q: Tell us about yourself. What are you passionate about? 
A: I’m a healthcare technology executive with 22+ years of management and consulting experience in solving healthcare challenges using innovation, user centered design, and business, service and technology architectures. I worked in many areas in healthcare from the health plan, provider, hospital, patient, consumer and community point of view. My core competency is in platform or eco-system design and product design and development to solve challenging and complex systemic issues in healthcare. I love creating and designing innovative healthcare solutions and products that solve problems. I’m passionate about changing the healthcare landscape for the better through design thinking and emerging technologies. For the last five years, I worked on several AI based products including virtual humans, artificial general intelligence (AGI) and natural language understanding and processing (NLU/NLP) and is very familiar current capabilities, limitations and trends . My current position at Beyond Limits, an exclusive AGI technology commercialization arm of Caltech/JPL, gives him the opportunity to work with world class scientists who are experts in solving highly complex problems. I also run a community based healthcare startup accelerator in Pasadena.

Q: You are active in the Pasadena tech scene. What makes L.A.’s tech scene special? 
A: L.A. is a special place because of it’s diversity. Its diversity gives designers, technologists, innovators and inventors a lot of perspectives on problems that need solving. The startups get a higher likelihood of success by addressing the needs of different people in a meaningful way in their products and services. This makes the LA tech scene special.

Q: What do you like about being a mentor with Make in LA? 
A: I like the openness of everyone to learn and improve as things progress. I also like the variety of startups in the program and the innovative approaches and the uniqueness in thinking they bring towards their products and business models. And of course, since Make in LA is a hardware accelerator, it has a lot of intersection with my passion for healthcare innovation. I can see this program creating successful startups in the medical device arena.